TPS Runcorn

A combination of Hot-dip Galvanising and Film Galvanising

The Service

The £185 million Runcorn Thermal Power Station was designed using a unique combination of hot-dip galvanised beams and film-galvanised beams (zinganised beams) as the 66 box-section beams could not be placed into a HDG tank because:

  1. The box-beams would require large holes to be drilled every linear metre for de-gassing
  2. The potential for distortion when being dipped at 450°C was extremely high, and each beam has 22 mounting holes drilled either end. Even distortion of 2mm would cause tremendous problems during erection.
  3. If the molten zinc did not drain out of the degassing holes it would have added a great deal of weight.
As the upright HDG beams and the vertical film-galvanised box-beams are both zinc coated with both identical "open-circuit" electrical potentials of 1040mV, there was no danger of any galvanic reactions on any part of the structure.

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