Surface Preparation

It cannot be stressed strongly enough that the key to AquaZinga long service-life and high corrosion resistance is in the thorough preparation of the steel substrate to the correct specification.

Please always follow the appropriate Zinga UK specification in conjunction with the relevant Technical Data Sheets. (TDS) The following information will give a general guide to the coating and its application.

New steel:

1) steam-clean or high-pressure wash-down all surfaces
allow to totally dry
blast-clean to a cleanliness standard of Sa 2.5

a) The steel temperature must always be above 10 degrees C
b) The relative-humidity must be below 70% (or it can start curing at the steel/zinc interface)
c) The relative humidity must be above 40% (or the surface must be sprayed with a water-mist after drying for 10-15 minutes)

Note 1: The term "high pressure" means a minimum water-pressure of 10,000psi. Any pressures below this level will not totally remove engrained chlorides.
Note 2: The grit used on all structural steelwork must obtain a blast-profile range of 50 - 70µm 80µm with a blast roughness factor of 12.5 to 15 microns.

Note 3: UHP Blasting must never be used with Aquazinga applications, unless it forms the initial stage of preparation followed by grit-blasting.

Note 4: UHPAB (ultra-high pressure abrasive blast) is an excellent form of blast-cleaning for marine structures, as it removes all crustacean growth, scale, engrained chlorides and invisible contaminants.
When using this system, it is very important that the surface-water on the steelwork must be allowed to dry completely before beginning the application of Aquazinga.

Old steel: The preparation and application technique is identical to that for new steel, but where old marine steelwork is being prepared the water-jetting must use water dosed with Chlor*Rid, Salt Away or similar low ph chloride remover. This is because the chloride ions are inside the surface of the steel and need to be removed both chemically and under pressure


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