Phosphated steel is very convenient to use where the metal-section is too thin for blast-cleaning, or where complex shapes, edge-returns, welds or joints make it impractical.

The minimum weight of phosphate for Zinga applications (dipped or sprayed) is 1200g/m2 and the new Schlumberger system can deposit 1200g/m2 for the application of sub-sea coatings.

Zinga will only work on top of zinc phosphate, and never on iron phosphate (Zinga was first used over a phosphate coating in 1996).

The image shows a phosphated steel plate that has been test with and without zinga

EMC test-plate: this shows a Zinga application on a phosphated steel panel as seen at 30 x magnifications. The cross-cut test was performed as per ASTM 3359.

Showing the glass like finish that can be achieved with Zinga

Zinga + Zinc phosphate: shows that the finish can be as smooth as glass.