For 40 years Zinga has bridged the gap between Paint and Galvanising providing the best of both systems.
About Zinga
Developed over 40 years ago, Zinga was designed to recharge old Hot Dip Structures and provide the same corrosion protection. It’s a zinc-rich coating, containing more than 96% zinc in the dry film, supplied in tins and a 500ml spray can, it can be brush, roller or spray applied.
British Standards BS6853 & BS476 Certified Seal TPS Runcorn Structure
Why Choose Zinga?
The secret to Zinga is the Zinc dust and binder. The zinc particles are manufactured so small only one company in the world can produce it, they are also medicinal grade in quality! But the real secret is the binder that allows the coating to develop a protective voltage the same as HDG.
The Zinga Process
Quantity Calculator
Zinga Required: 1.45kg
Coverage: 1.38sq m per Kg allowing for 30% wastage
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